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Terms and conditions


CB Computer Repair offer on site and return to base PC support services to customers based within 20 miles of CT2 0PD.  We will consider travelling greater distances on a case by case basis.

These Terms

These terms govern the dealings between you (the customer) and us (CB Computer Repair).  By using our services you are agreeing to and accepting these terms and conditions.  This agreement is governed by English law.  Please ask if you feel that anything is unclear. Nothing in these terms affect your statutory rights.


We will attend service appointments within half an hour of the agreed time (usually sooner).  Where we cannot we will contact you by phone to update you and arrange an alternative appointment.  You can choose to cancel the service call at this time without charge.

If we attend an agreed service call and you are not present a service call out fee will be charged.

Data loss / Data corruption

You are responsible for making adequate back-ups of your system, data and information.  We will not be held responsible for any loss arising from loss or corruption of data or information.  We can provide advice and assistance in setting up and maintaining back-ups.

Invalidating Warranty

Some services we carry out may invalidate any manufacturer’s warranty.  It is for you to consider and assess this before arranging for us to carry out any work.

Liability Limit

In carrying out work we cannot be held responsible or liable to you for any losses arising from the:

  • loss or damage to goodwill, business  or contracts,
  • use of any antivirus or internet security product,
  • absence of any antivirus or internet security product,
  • use of any third party software,
  • any other unforeseen circumstances.

Unlicenced/counterfeit software

We will only work on genuine/ appropriately licenced software.  Where we refuse to work on your machine for this reason a charge may be payable by you.


You can cancel a service appointment without incurring a charge by giving us more than 1 hour prior notice. 

Agreement of price before work completed

The 'service' prices quoted cover the cost of collection, diagnosis, repair and delivery.  Service prices do not include the cost of any parts or software used.  Where a repair will cost more than the service price we will agree the full price with you before any additional costs are incurred.

No fix, no fee

Where a service is offered on a no fix no fee basis you will not be charged a fee if we cannot fix or diagnose a fault.  A reduced fee is payable if we diagnose a fault and quote for the repair but you do not wish to go ahead with the repair.


When components are purchased from us as part of a hardware repair or upgrade they will be covered by a three month warranty.  The warranty begins on the day the device is returned to you.  The warranty means that where a fault reoccurs we will, in the first instance, try to repair the device again.  If we are unsuccessful in repairing the device you will be refunded the money paid for the original repair.

The warranty applies to the occurence or reoccurrence of a fault that lead to the original service call but does not apply where:

  • Any hardware used in the repair was provided by you, or

  • The device, software or any hardware is used incorrectly, or

  • Accidental damage caused the reoccurrence, or

  • Other components caused the reoccurrence, or

  • Advice given to you by us was not followed, or

  • The actions that lead to the original fault were repeated.

Following any warranty hardware repair the faulty hardware will belong to us.  Where a warranty repair is unsuccessful and a refund is issued any parts used in the attempted repair will belong to us.

Acceptance of software licence agreements

Where software is required to effect a repair or complete any service you have requested we will accept any required End User Licence Agreements (EULAs) on your behalf.  Where product registration is required to activate or use any software we will use your personal information to register the product.


Payment is due upon the delivery of the device back to yourself, the conclusion of any service provided, or the date of any invoice sent by us (whichever is earlier).


Where a component is specially ordered to effect a repair or upgrade of your device it cannot be returned.  Where you consider the parts to be faulty the matter will be dealt with under the warranty provisions (see above).


Your information will be stored securely and used purely to conduct and document our work.  Your personal details may be used in the registration of any sortware where nesesary (See the section titled "Acceptance of software licence agreements",  above).  Basic website data is analysed to see how the website is used and to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns but no personal information is gathered as part of this prosess.

Trading details


CB Computer Repair is the trading name of Gavin Wilson-Hamilton, a sole-trader.

Registered office
14 River View, Sturry
Canterbury CT2 0PD


Contact details
Tel: 07432677577
E-mail: gavin@cbcomputerrepair.co.uk

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